Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks. Giving.

The Dear Daughter and the Corn Tiger, Williamsburg Brooklyn, November 2010.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ancien Combattant Jour (Veteran's Day)

Yesterday was Veteran's Day here in France as well. It was a school
holiday and sunny, after a few days of chilly rain, so it had a festive air.

Monsieur le Maire, as we all call the mayor of our little village, loves to come to civic
and cultural events and he always gives a little speech. I love the fact that he wore a
tri-color ribbon across his chest for this one and that he had written a prepared speech.

The Utile, our little grocery store in the village, was closing at 12:30, so I dashed out door to pick up a couple of things for dinner and was surprised by the group that had gathered to
honor the veterans just around the corner from my house. Some had stopped in their
tracks on the way to the bakery or the Utile and stood respectfully listening to the mayor's speech in silence. The veteran's band played a short number afterwards and that was it.
A group flocked to the cafe for a coffee or a beer, others continued on to
the bakery for their baguette or to the Utile for butter.
Short, respectful and sweet.

Hugs from Here.
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