Saturday, October 1, 2011

CCiiff Festival Completed

Saw the last film in the CCiiff Film Festival tonight up at the Abbatiele theater in the Abbaye Ecole. They presented a great range in an intense three-day program of films. I could feel the festival starting to gain traction, building the audience it needs to find the funding to keep going.

There was good dialogue between the directors who traveled here to speak about their films and the audience.

Karl Nerenberg ( Producer, Writer, Co-director of Never Come Back, a film that deals sensitively with the plight of several Rom families and their attempts to emigrate to Canada) standing next to Jacqueline Deloffre, Deputy Director of the festival, as he fields comments from one of the audience regulars.

The audience was so stunned by the high quality of production and level of suspense that Tuyet Le built in her first feature film, Patient 17, "about an unusual patient and uncovering the truth, " that we had a hard time coming up with intelligent questions to ask the director in the Q&A period right after the film. My friend G and I were still talking about the issues the film raised a day later over lunch.

Tuyet Le
Writer, director, actress

Production still from Patient 17.

À la prochaine fois, Denis, Elaine and Jacqueline.
This was a Very Good Year!

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