Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr Busy & His Mom

The Dear Daughter and I got some time out and about together with the Corn Tiger in the Village here in Manhattan. I took him to a playground while she and the Dad were at an appointment. There wasn't a moment to take pictures of him while the two of us were toodling about the playground alone. He likes to steer his stroller around the play structures in complicated patterns. Still needs a little help avoiding the parents, kids, benches and such.

Then we met back up with the mommapoppa. The Poppa had to go off to work, so the Momma and I took the boy for a walk and stopped off at the Bleecker Playground for another play session. It was a sunny day and the place was packed with kids. It was really the first time that CT has gotten to play in such a big sand lot with lots of communal sand toys. He was very interested in what all the bigger boys found to do with this damp, grainy stuff; learned very quickly not to put it in his mouth.

Next, we took CT to Lupa, where the Daughter used to work, for an early dinner. We were warmly welcomed and given the perfect table in the back room. You can tell the Corn Tiger is a city boy. He sat right up to the table and slurped down the amuse bouche (literally, mouth amuser) the little appetizer gift from the chef, which was fresh pea soup in a tiny, silver goblet, yumm!

CT's favorite menu items were the focaccia bread and the gelato that was gifted early in the dinner by the waiter, who must have a kid or two of his own. CT is only 13 months old. It is a good time for bread and ice cream, non?

Ice cream kisses!
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