Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grand Boy's Coming Out Party

We sure lucked out on the weather, rain leading up to the event and rain starting again yesterday, but it just served to rinse everything clean and make the garden more lush for Our Boy's garden party. Sunday arrived clear and warm here at the Blue Bungalow.

Flowers were picked and perched, the cooler was filled with ice. The smoked turkey was warmed and the salads were chilled.

The guests of honor arrived and, after putting him in his country outfit, the Dear Daughter blissed the boy up with milk

and the Dad took him in hand.

And then the fun began...

We had your side by side Grand Babies and your side by side Grand Mama's.

We had your baby viewing and your fire truck viewing (when our Father to Be Next dropped by on a break - a real party treat for the older kids.)

We had your eatin under the arbor and your walkin and
talkin in the shade.

And I even go my baby finger sucked on.

What more could a gal ask?

Sending some of that sunshine your way.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends of the Heart

The moon is new
But love is old
And while I'm waiting here
This heart of mine is singing

"Lover Come Back to Me"
Romberg & Hammerstein

Recently I got together with my dear friends P and C for a shared dinner at P's sweet spot on the river.

We pulled a few cards.

We read to each other and worked up a group interpretation, as is our long habit.

There was a recurring heart theme, which was only apropos, as Ms C told us just before dinner that she had a "heart procedure" scheduled at the big medical center down the peninsula.

P & I decided to make a road trip out of taking C down there, to go out to dinner in the city and spend the night before the appointment in a nice hotel. Dinner at Pluto's was a hit, we got lost on the way south of San Jose, we laughed, talked, all had a good night's sleep and made it to the medical center with time to spare.

And then the road got a little bumpy. For various reasons, Ms C had to stay in the southland for three days. More friends pitched in to bring her treats, keep her company and get her back up here north of the bay.

She is home safe and sound, much to our great joy and relief.
It's times like these that teach you what your heartstrings are made of and where they are attached.

Sending love.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Joke

This is what the Grand Boy looked like as he was hearing his first joke at 18 days old...

Maybe it was a mite risque?!
Tee Hee Hee Hee.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Coming

I've been brightening up the window sills

and whompin up a batch of coconut lemon bars

for the visit of the Grand Boy and Dear Daughter tomorrow.

His Daddy, the Artist, created this beautiful birth announcement for the Boy.

More pictures when I've got 'em.
He is two weeks older than this now.

Grin, twinkle, beam, smile...
Sending some 'o' that out to You All.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Son Did Not Come Out Here...

Oh, did I spell that wrong?...

It rained all day yesterday. Not conducive to garden parties. But we did have quirky bunnies and other fabulous Ren decorations in the House Across the Street (heretofore to be known as HAtS.)

HAtS, the house on the left, seen here in the view from my house. It's the one with the wonderful hooped rose bushes greening up and getting ready to burst into a frenzy of bloom.

And we did have peeps. No, not those atomic yellow or pink marshmallow sugar bombs, but peeps of sunshine.

And I did get out my Mom's last easter bunny and prop him up against one of the bouquets of flowers saved from the rain. I did steam a bundle of the new asparagus and sprinkle them with meyer lemon to contribute to our delicious meal.

And I did make a strawberry rhubarb galette in honor of the Son.

You know, the One that has Come...

...but was too little to travel from San Francisco. Yet. So we will have to have a Bébé coming out party later in the month, when the weather should be better anyway and even more flowers will be in bloom.

I've got to get my arms around that Dear Daughter and the Grand Boy later this week!!

Sending tender Spring thoughts to you and yours.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Blues

Although he is certainly the most important, the Grand Boy is not the only new life popping out this Spring. We've had a decent amount of rain this year after two of near drought conditions and that has been kind to the flowers in the wild and the garden.

California Sky Lupine, lupinas nanus, I believe.

The purple wisteria on the front of the house.

Lilac and more blue iris.
Here's hopin' all your blues come as flowers.
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