Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Blues

Although he is certainly the most important, the Grand Boy is not the only new life popping out this Spring. We've had a decent amount of rain this year after two of near drought conditions and that has been kind to the flowers in the wild and the garden.

California Sky Lupine, lupinas nanus, I believe.

The purple wisteria on the front of the house.

Lilac and more blue iris.
Here's hopin' all your blues come as flowers.


Ms. Moon said...

Are we living parallel lives? Lovely!

N2 said...

Dear Mary Moon - Yes, I do believe WE ARE in a lot of ways, especially now that I have me own Grand Boy! I, too, have some hippiness in my background, which sticks around, as you know, and comes in quite handy in "economic downturns" such as these =o). Love you Lady! x0 N2

Ellen said...

So beautiful those blossoms! Can't wait to take a walk in a field of Lupine...just need to stop this rain.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue colors. You take such good pictures! I love getting this glimpse into your world.The iris is wonderful.

Kathleen Scott said...

Thanks for you're comment at Hill Country Mysteries. You're right! Texas Bluebonnets are Lupinus texensis. I didn't know we had lupines in common, along with all the other things.

Gorgeous pictures! Isn't bloomtime wonderful?

N2 said...

Ellen- Glad to give you a virtual lupine fix while you wait for the real one. Are you in CA? We, too, are having lots of rain today, Easter Sunday. But the garden is ecstatic!

Sue - Yes, Blue! A favorite for you, too, non? Maybe you can translate some of these blue blooms into watercolors. Love seeing you here!

Kathleen - Thanks for your kind comments and for confirming the Lupine connection. Fabulous how this cyber world knits together our little community of writers from FLA to TX to CA to...

Rainy Easter Love to you Ladies! x0 N2

Bethany said...

love that line:
here's hoping all your blues come out as flowers.
Thanks for these photos.
Lupine is a favorite.

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