Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grand Boy's Coming Out Party

We sure lucked out on the weather, rain leading up to the event and rain starting again yesterday, but it just served to rinse everything clean and make the garden more lush for Our Boy's garden party. Sunday arrived clear and warm here at the Blue Bungalow.

Flowers were picked and perched, the cooler was filled with ice. The smoked turkey was warmed and the salads were chilled.

The guests of honor arrived and, after putting him in his country outfit, the Dear Daughter blissed the boy up with milk

and the Dad took him in hand.

And then the fun began...

We had your side by side Grand Babies and your side by side Grand Mama's.

We had your baby viewing and your fire truck viewing (when our Father to Be Next dropped by on a break - a real party treat for the older kids.)

We had your eatin under the arbor and your walkin and
talkin in the shade.

And I even go my baby finger sucked on.

What more could a gal ask?

Sending some of that sunshine your way.


Ms. Moon said...

This makes me so happy. What a gorgeous, beautiful, light-filled family and that baby- oh, he is FINE! "Blissed him up with milk."

Anonymous said...

Great to see more pictures. You look and everyone is oozing joy. Love to see everyone happy and together.

Kori said...

This makes me smile and feel hopeful at the same time.

Ellen said...

What a special day you all had! The sun came out to warm everyone up and let the little ones enjoy the fun outside. Thank you for sharing this baby day....

swallowtail said...

Awww! I (one of the "older" kids) missed the fire truck and fire-guys ;-(

Beautiful babies! Fun day! All those contrasts, all in one spot... yes, there is hope for this world.


N2 said...

Ms Moon - Yes it was a feelin fine day and good to have both sides of the family gathering!

Sue - Wish you were closer so you could have been part of this joyous family party.

Kori - Like I commented over on your side, these young parents are being such good partners, there is hope.

Ellen - This day was like an early kiss from summer.
Thanks for being here to share it.

LC - Couldn't have managed without you. It meant so much to have you here early and late.

Thanks so much for droppin by, Dear Ladies. Kisses to You All. x0x0 N2

kelly said...

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing your pinkie finger can keep your grandchild happy even for a little while.

N2 said...

Kelly - C'est le vrai, Madame, as you well know!

Bethany said...

Oh, sweetness. Love all this love and goodness and fun. Celebrate away. You make the most gorgeous boquets.
Thanks for all your support and positive vibes Nancy.
You're a huge help and comfort.

Kathleen Scott said...

Nothing better than love and family and food and sun. So glad you had it all. And they had it all.

We're just out of the Smokies and back to internet. Look forward to catching up.

Thanks for your comments at Hill Country Mysteries. I put the posts in line before we left and wondered, while I was gone, whether they'd gone up if I wasn't home to see them. Lovely to see your words when we got back.

N2 said...

B - Thanks for comin around and leaving some of your sweet words here.

Kathleen - Hill Country has been tickin away like clockwork while you were in the Smokies, but we always miss your visits here. Glad you are back from the cyber wilds.

Kisses, Gals. x0 N2

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful day -- and a wonderful blog! I am new here and thank you for your kind comments on my own blog. I look forward to visiting more often!

Allegra Smith said...

Hello and thank you for coming to visit our muguets du bois and du bonheur. Why can't you get yours started? they like light but not sun although ours are all over the place.
Would you like me to send you some pips this fall? I would be happy to do so. Just let me know and I will put it on my calendar and send some and who knows? maybe they will like there as much as they like here. And those grandbabies are gorgeous!

N2 said...

Elizabeth - So nice to see you here. I feel we are neighbors already from our time at Ms Moon's.

Allegra - What a generous offer! I would be thrilled to have some of your muguet pips. I have tried them in the filtered light under my live oak tree (seen in the front of the Blue Bungalow in the picture). My understanding is that they are forest understory plants, like bluebells, non? So I thought they might thrive there, on the edge which does get some good filtered light later in the day. Maybe they need morning light?

Hugs to you, Ladies!
x0 N2

Allegra Smith said...

The are woodland flowers alright but they need to be away from roots and their pips hate to be planted deep. Oaks are not welcoming trees to many non native plants as they are allelopathic in nature. And normally the area under the canopy would be too dark for the first few years of the lilies. Once they are established they may run in that direction but they won't establish themselves there from the beginning.

I will get in touch with you in September-October to ask for your address and to send you some tips with the pips about planting them. If they grow here and believe me they grow here, they should grow there without any trouble. I don't remember if you can see how long their path is in any of these photos of the garden, and those were taken in 2005, but go check them here:

just press any tab to see the garden and the photos may show some of the lilies' paths. Enjoy!

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