Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends of the Heart

The moon is new
But love is old
And while I'm waiting here
This heart of mine is singing

"Lover Come Back to Me"
Romberg & Hammerstein

Recently I got together with my dear friends P and C for a shared dinner at P's sweet spot on the river.

We pulled a few cards.

We read to each other and worked up a group interpretation, as is our long habit.

There was a recurring heart theme, which was only apropos, as Ms C told us just before dinner that she had a "heart procedure" scheduled at the big medical center down the peninsula.

P & I decided to make a road trip out of taking C down there, to go out to dinner in the city and spend the night before the appointment in a nice hotel. Dinner at Pluto's was a hit, we got lost on the way south of San Jose, we laughed, talked, all had a good night's sleep and made it to the medical center with time to spare.

And then the road got a little bumpy. For various reasons, Ms C had to stay in the southland for three days. More friends pitched in to bring her treats, keep her company and get her back up here north of the bay.

She is home safe and sound, much to our great joy and relief.
It's times like these that teach you what your heartstrings are made of and where they are attached.

Sending love.


Ms. Moon said...

I am reminded of the title of that book, "Little Altars Everywhere."
It's funny how compelled we are to make them- how different they are, how similar.
I am glad your friend is home and safe. Heartstrings are very strong, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

...heart strings that become pillars. What an elegant way to celebrate a friend's healing. C, best wishes to you in your recovery.

Ellen said...

Friendship...we all need friends to be there for each other. I like the idea of having a bit of fun the night before her procedure. It helps to relax and not put the stress and concern in first ....let the comfort of laughter and togetherness be first.

swallowtail said...

Oh, I do love the photo of P with her book, and C with her strawberries! I want that one ;-)

Heartstrings weave us all together, creating a colorful and loving web which holds and nourishes us.

Blessings on your beautiful friendships, and on recovery and support and lovelovelove, Ms.C.

Kathleen Scott said...

So glad you went with her, for your sake and hers. And that she's home now to recover. Friends are family too.

N2 said...

Thanks for stoppin by Ladies. Been busy getting ready for the Baby Coming Out Party this Sunday -- more on that later...

Ms Moon - Yes, you, me and the gals that turn into dear friends, we all seem to be members of the Little Altars Society.

G - I passed on your felicitations to C. She quickly got back up to speed this week.

Ellen - And doesn't it seem that our women friends most often understand what it means to us when they are there in the clutch...

LC - You, My Dear, are a woman who knows the support drill, in spades. Glad you are nurturing your Artist Self.

Kathleen - Ain't that the truth: Friends are Family. Sometimes more Family that blood ties.

Love to you All. More bebe pix comin up around Monday.


Bethany said...

Oh what good friends you all are. Love the photos, esp the one with the lamplight. You captured the evening perfectly. So glad she is home safe and you all have each other. Sweetness.

N2 said...

Dear B - Good to see you out and about and to have your sweet words here. Wishing you good friends who know what a joy it is to play in the garden. x0 N2

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