Friday, March 13, 2009

A Carnival of Ecology (Carnaval de l'écologie)

Last Sunday night, M and I went to the ciné Get in Revel to see the French film Nos Enfants Nous Accuseront which takes a strong pro-organic food and farming stance. Here's another synopsis saved from a roughing up in Google and Babel, too: "In a small French village at the foot of the Cévennes montains, the mayor decides to tackle the issue of chemical contamination by declaring that the meals served by the school canteen will use only Bio (organic) products. Here, as elsewhere in France and the world, the population must deal with industrial and agricultural pollution. This village decides to take the first steps toward change and re-education of the children and their families so that 'tomorrow our children wil not accuse us'." M said, "That village could be Soreze."

The film focused on the children in the school, their garden/science project, the cafeteria cooks serving lunch and talking with the kids about the new meals, discussions at family dinner tables, local farmers deliberating the pros and cons of using pesticides, town meetings, Bio vendors at the market, to give us a close up of the human face in this widespread issue and to show how change can be started by individuals. A great, cross cultural exercise would be to show this movie in American public schools to kickoff discussion about changing the food in their cafeterias.

The warm sun on Thursday and Friday got me walking over to M's to go for une randonnée along our country lanes.

At the end of Rue Balette I ran into les enfants de l'école de Soreze, leurs professeurs et les parents (the children from the elementary school in Soreze, their teachers and parents) having a carnaval parade with an ecological twist -- the majority of their costumes were made using re-cycled materials.

They drummed and paraded around the village (about 5 blocks) and finished up in the Place Dom De Vic were the residents of la maison de retraite (the old folks home) had been wheeled out into the sun to partake in the fun.

I'm thinking that M & I should see what's cookin' with changing to Bio meals dans Soreze à l'école primaire.


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swallowtail said...

What a great parade! There is one little girl in the first photo that really reminds me of my Sarah at that age. How fun! I heard an extensive review of the movie to which you refer. I hope to see it, somewhere, sometime soon. I agree. It needs to be required viewing. Oh heart! We need to do more than talk about it!!!

Love those drums. I can just hear them!

Love you, N2! Are you writing up a poetic storm? xoxoLC

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