Monday, October 25, 2010

La Danse des Branches (The Dance of Branches)

The road to Puylaurens from Soreze.

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago, but it kept coming to mind
as I drove along the country lanes in today's changeable weather.

Les Platanes
with thanks to Emily Dickinson

There’s a certain slant of light
falling through a tunnel of trees
that fills my soul with clear delight
as branches dance in rainy breeze.

The silver swirling beams of light
reach toward me filled with rain
as I drive home on Friday night
glad to be in France again.

Long corridors of les platanes
arms held high in salutation
swaying with the light and rain
bless me, move me to elation.

The music swells, I feel the beat
the car and I swing down the lane
no longer sitting in my seat
I’m light that’s rising in the rain.



Kori said...

What a lovely poem, and I love that picture. LOVE it.

Ken said...

I like the cathedral feel of the photo.

Anonymous said...

that 'country lane' is really a 'route principale' 'twixt Castres & Revel for I know this road well . . the platain trees are typically French and to American eyes it really must seem like a 'country lane'! but a lovely poem . . .

Anonymous said...

My father, a fine tenor, used to sing this in church: "I know a green cathedral, a quiet country lane..." Poem, image, take me back. Thanks.

Anne Subercaseaux said...

it all makes me homesick, such lovely photos, a poem and all the talk of delicious food, mmmm....
greetings from the other side of the world.

Laura Paine Carr said...

yes. I am chuckling. N2, I am sure you were on that road to take the photo, and knowing you as I do, I suspect you know from whence to came to wherefore you went. Maybe even you know the name of the road!

Regardless. Beautiful. I love the perspective and the colors, and maybe most the broken lines.

of course, I am partial to this author's work.


Kathleen Scott said...

Beautiful picture and lilt to the words. And I LOVED the last line, "I'm light that's rising in the rain." That speaks to me.

I'm just catching up and glad to read you again.

Elizabeth said...

I love the poem, and the photo just lifts one up -- I think your poem should be put to music and then one could drive down the road of that photo and listen to it!

Bethany said...

yeah! What Elizabeth said. Wow, that photo is spectacular. It blew me away and then your poem paired with it, wowzers. Thanks for sharing Queen N2.

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