Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Corn Tiger Update, Part I

I am back home in No California and recovered from the cold I picked up along the way. Past time to catch you up and, of course, I must start with the Dear Daughter and the Corn Tiger.

One of his favorite toys is the stuffed octopus rocking horse that plays five tunes that his Manny George gave him. It's the type of gift that the Mom and Dad look at and say "Huh...", but that turns out to be the child's chosen plaything. He can just about get on and get off by himself, and he likes to bounce along to the "Colors of the Rainbow" song while the whole family sings along.

The family - the Dear Daughter, the Dad, the Manny and the Grand Boy, made the trip over from Brooklyn to Manhattan for Thanksgiving and joined the family at Central Park West for dinner. Iris provided the beautiful setting, she, Asia and I collaborated on the feast.

I got to give Corn Tiger lot's 'o' keeses and his Mom got to introduce him to ginger ale...

"Wow! What was That?!"

He got to sit in the "big boy", Enzo's, high chair and play with his toys, and Enzo got to learn about sharing.

There was much to be Thankful for!

More soon, Love for now.


Kori said...

I cannot BELIEVE how big he is getting! It doesn't seem like it has been that long. You have such a lovely family.

Ms. Moon said...

He is beyond beautiful. Welcome back, dear.

Kelly said...

Aw, what a sweet family you have!

Laura Paine Carr said...

I just LOVE the strapping tape on the file cabinet behind Master CT.

Still smiling! And looking forward to the many posts coming our way!

N2 said...

Thanks for leaving these little notes, Ladies!
@Kori - They do grow so fast, non?! And it seems even faster when we are in the Grandma position it seems.

@Ms Moon - I, of course, think he is beautiful, but then I am the G'ma and can't help myself =o).

@Kelly - Thanks, Dear. So nice to see you here!

@LC - It takes me awhile to make a new post after one of these CT fests because it makes me smile every time I see that little face here.

Love to you all! N2

Kathleen Scott said...

How sweet! I'm so glad you got to be with them for Thanksgiving. To me that's the most holiday holiday we celebrate, the best time for family.

Corn Tiger has grown amazingly. Wasn't it hard to believe when you saw him after only a few months apart?

Bethany said...

wow, so big and as handsome as ever.
love the gingerale pic!

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