Monday, January 24, 2011

Man Becoming Tree

We have had sunny, dry weather for the last week -- a good time to get the
tree trimming done in the yard, to ask the taller trees to give some air and
light to their smaller tree and plant brethren below.

A good friend, retired tree trimmer turned chiropractor, offered to lend a hand,
a chainsaw and to utilize his pair of tree climbing spurs.

Another friend recommended Francisco lo Fantástico and made sure that my smaller chain saw was sharp. My neighbor donated the community truck to carry away the brush. We gathered on Saturday at noon, and were off climbing in the air and chopping on the ground.

A satisfying day with hard working men. Light increased, space made
for the fruit trees to flourish, dead wood cleared away, trees more becoming.

I give thanks for a day of generosity and good company.
Gracias a todos!

Wishing you a week of the same.


Ms. Moon said...

You have helpful and well-equipped neighbors. I have a suspicion you might be a good neighbor too.

Anonymous said...

Man-tree pics dazzling.

Laura Paine Carr said...

oh N2! you little rascal! with tree-men hanging about in your trees!

and I might add, that yard is looking good, too!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, send those men over here! I have several trees that need some care.

Kathleen Scott said...

Doesn't it feel good to care for the gardens? Like caring for yourself. Glad you're having a good winter.

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