Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Les Derniers Rayons (The Last Rays)

Often I am in the garrett writing until six. On nice days it is hard to get myself up there
and to keep my butt in the chair. When I've put in my self-imposed goal of hours writing,
I slip my camera into my pocket and go for a walk around the village or out to
the surrounding countryside, chasing the last rays of the sun.

There are wonderful old buildings around here and I love the way
the gold tones of the sunset glance off the uneven surfaces of the old stones.

Fig trees in Spring are simultaneously knobby and fecund, like a young woman
who is ugly and beautiful at the same time. The French have a term for it
une laide belle. One could say that this tree, c'est un arbre beau et le laid
qui a la fécondité d'une femme. If you didn't know better and saw one in
Spring, could you possibly forsee the sensual, fragrant glory
that this small, green fruit will become by the Fall?

I love this house on the lane that leads back to the village - its artful gate,
its green painted timbers, its many shapes of windows, the way its face reflects
the last rays of the sun on its way to the bed sur la plaine du Lauragais.

Soleil écrase baisers!


Ellen said...

I agree...the colors and light as day is ending is one of the most beautiful times of day. The stone on the buildings you shot bring out the warmth in them.

Such a lovely blue sky too!

Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you for sharing the beauty of your hard-earned sunset walk. Sounds perfect to me. Looks that way too.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Where have I been? Not noticing? Well, I am glad to be here, now, on the sun chasing walk. Except, I think I need another sweater, because I am imagining that it's a tad cool.

I do love the warm light on the stone buildings. I could see myself living in one of them, cozy, with a glass of wine and my friend, N2, over for dinner!


rebecca said...

you take me places...
so dream like i find my eyes closing in ecstasy.

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