Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas. Passed. Fast.

I hadn't had a Christmas tree in years, but I couldn't resist
getting a little tree for the little guy this year.

Most of the time I cut button eucalyptus branches at a friend's house and decorate the mantel piece with that, fairy lights and candles. This year we had a formal hanging of stockings as well, like when "the kids" (now in their mid thirties) were little.

But this is what makes Christmas sweet, right?

And this.

And this.
Sid. Open.

That'll be the Corn Tiger. Sid. He knows his name and talks about himself in the third person.
Sid do it. Sid eat. Sid shoes black. Watching him learn how to talk in Nana time is so much fun.

I got the gift of three days and nights with the Daughter and the Corn Tiger at my house over Christmas. It was great to have them around for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for mornings in Nana's bed, walks downtown, splashing in the bathtub, bedtime stories and singing to sleep.


D and CT got to go visit her high school friend and daughter, R & Baby June, down the end of the street and we had R and BJ up here for dinner. So great to see this second generation of friendship forming.

He already knows how to ride his scooter "Fast, Fast!".

Here's hoping there were moments of magic in your holidays
that will follow you into the New Year.

More soon.
Fast kisses for now.
x0 N2


Anonymous said...

Love the official posting of the photos, fast, and the quick words backed by feelings and memories! Beautiful child, beautiful granny.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Yayyy! More more more. Yes. Greedy. LPC = Greedy.

Here is to a 2012 brimfull of writing, art, and family. Love you, dear N2.

rebecca said...

i am so happy you had your christmas with perfect company of the heart!
thanks for stopping by, it has been a while and i am so happy to be here sharing your joy.
please let me know about your valentines project, lovely idea! now you have me thinking too!

Cindy said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. The Corn Tiger seemed to be enjoying it. Happy New Year! Hope it's a notorious one.

Bethany said...

Happy New Year N2!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by Bloom and your always sweet and inspiring words.

Kathleen Scott said...

Looks like you had a magical time. Family is better than anything.

Here's to a new year with lots more love.

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