Thursday, May 13, 2010

Developing a Sense of Humor

Got some Grand Boy time last Sunday. Now that was a Mother's Day gift! from the New Mother/Dear Daughter to me.

Good Friend George was out from Brooklyn for the weekend and he spent the morning getting some hands on time with our now six week old Boy.
My how fast they do grow, non?!

George had been helping out the day before, trying to give the New Parents a few moments of rest to themselves, but the little Corn Tiger started crying for his mom after only about five minutes and would not stop.

Sort of like this, only he's just starting to think about it here.

On Mother's Day George was telling me the story as I was holding the baby and the Corn Tiger started chortling and talking at me (as you can see here).
As if to say "Yeah, Nana, I was really giving George a hard time. Hee Hee."
Well, it did give us all a chuckle.

What with breakfast, laughter, a walk around the neighborhood, a movie+dinner date, a quick jaunt to the airport with George, I'd say it was a mighty fine day for this mother in the city.

Sending love.


Kathleen Scott said...

The baby looks so big for six weeks! And what personality.

Corn Tiger??? I think explanations are due.

Thanks for sharing these pictures. It's fun to see your world.

swallowtail said...

Awwww. So cute: all of them! Of course, The Little Man takes the cake!

He is GROWING!!! This is just going to be pure fun. That is all there is to it. In fact, it already IS.


Ms. Moon said...

There is nothing better on this earth, is there? My grand boy is napping right now and we have had such fun today. Every time he's here, I feel blessed beyond belief.
And I know you feel the same about your gorgeous boy.

N2 said...

Kathleen - The baby's full name is Sid-Oblio Corn Tiger Bowers. (Oh! the creative younger generation!) Corn Tiger was his stand-in name and, so far, the one that has stuck for me.

LC - Yes, as exhibited by his wide paws, this will be a Big Dog we think.

Ms Moon - Even in the midst of my own Grand Boy love fest, the pictures you share of O-boy bring light to the heart. So much to see you two having fun days together.


Bethany said...

sweet stuff. :-)

N2 said...

Hi there B! I was just getting ready to send you an e-mail to see how you are doing. How goes it at your house?
x0 N2

N2 said...
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