Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Therapy

"Suck, little babe, oh suck again!
It cools my blood; it cools my brain
Oh! press me with thy little hand;
It loosens something at my chest;
About that tight and deadly band
I feel thy little fingers prest."
William Wordsworth

A quick trip to see the Dear Daughter and the Corn Tiger this week. Got to receive him fresh out of his shower and "do his morning things", i.e. rub him up with some lotion, accompanied by baby smiles and cooing, and get him dressed. The DD pointed out that I put him in a Nana matching outfit, but it was just chance. In my defense, those pants were on the changing table. But we do look in tune, non?

Just three months old (already?!) and I think he's starting to teethe.
Some vigorous chomping going on with those tiny gums.

"This has a certain well-aged flavor."

"Yes! Rub more. Right there."

"Hey! Give that back. I'm not done yet."

Real salve for the heart and soul, this holding and being chewed upon.

Little drooly baby kisses.


swallowtail said...

oohhhh. sooothes the soul. salve for the heart and soul, this holding and being chewed upon. oh yes.

funny, I noticed your matching outfits right off! perfect, I say!

and I loooooove his eyes! observant. awake. beautiful.

((and you, too!))

Anonymous said...

Nothing like that warm body relaxing into us and spreading warmth. Glad your getting some nana time. He really has some Norton looks and is that red hair I see? Hope you soak in as much as you can.

Ms. Moon said...

Your grandson is perfection and love and beauty and I KNOW how good it feels to have those baby gums gnaw away on a finger, a thumb. Three months is not too early. Owen had teeth by then. And now, sadly, I cannot let him gnaw any part of me.
Oh! Enjoy every baby second!

swallowtail said...

and I forgot to tell you
little drooley baby kisses!

Kathleen Scott said...

What sweet pictures. You radiate happiness and he looks contented. A good pair.

My niece is due with her second in a few weeks. I babysit the two-year-old once a week and it will be fun to have a little one again too. I enjoy your pictures more for thinking of our little-one-to-come.

N2 said...

LC - Yes, drooly baby kiss heart salve is a good thing!

Sue - CT's hair is looking to be Red, the red of his mama, sort of strawberry blond =o).

Ms Moon - Oh yes! I am sponging up as much time with him as I can manage to get.

Kathleen - So glad these pictures are giving you a preview of your happiness soon to come.

Love to you Ladies, One and All. x0 N2

Anonymous said...

The grandmama is absorbing YOUTH by osmosis and looking SO beautiful!

Bethany said...

Oh such sweet pics. Love that WW poem too. The matching outfits are so cute. The hand photos are really dear. I'm glad he has such sweetness to chew on!

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