Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bookin' with the Grand Boy

I did get to see the Grand Boy last week and here's the proof:

It was a quick trip, down and back in a day, but the Boy, the Daughter and I had some relaxation time together around the flat. I got to hold that boy and walk him and give him what he needed and soothe him to sleep. There is something so heart healing about being able to make just the moves needed to get another to let go of their pent up tension and just fall out of their body for a bit, relax completely.

Even better to go on holding them while they sleep...
But the Daughter has just started putting him in his cradle for sleeping (finally making use of those hand made baby bumpers =o), so I put him down for a nap...a couple of times...
Only to have him pop back awake and want to play some more... And who could resist, right?!

It looked like a long nap was not in the cards, so we decided to walk down to our favorite local, independent book store, Green Apple Books, on Clement Street here in San Francisco.

Green Apple has been in the same location since before the Daughter was born. I remember being introduced to it in 1971 by girlfriends who lived in an apartment just a couple of doors down from the bookstore. Green Apple has a great selection of old and new books and my friend Cindy had just bought all of her Christmas presents for kid friends there -- old Yellow, Blue and Pink Fairy Books for the girls and Hardy Boys mysteries for the boys. I went in to check it out and I have been going back ever since.

The store has wonderful nooks and crannies on three levels and, over time, they have added space and annexed two store fronts a couple of doors down. They recently moved their children's book section, my long term favorite area of the store, up to the mezzanine and spread it out a bit.

The Daughter, the Boy and I spent a good hour and a half reading through old and new books. Well, the Boy actually really got to sleeping when he was in the BabyBjörn carrier, within the first block from home, and he slept and slept, soothed by the sound of the pages of children's books turning at the store.

There are chairs and stools scattered about in the stacks so that, when you get into reading a book you find, you can sit down and enjoy for awhile. Just as we were getting ready to buy a couple of books and leave, the Boy woke up and wanted a snack. Easily accomodated by his mom on one of those handy chairs with reading material nearby.

Back at home we even got in some Dad time.

It was a good visit but, as ever, not quite long enough.

Until next time.


Ms. Moon said...

Owen just left after one of the sweetest days of my life. We played all day long and yes, I got him to sleep once. Well, twice but he woke right up again. And then we played some more.
There is nothing like this in the entire world.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh- and your boy is so beautiful and so are you all.

Kori said...

I don't know which I like more, babies or books, so how lucky for you to have BOTH in the very same day! Lovely.

N2 said...

Ms Moon - We know the joys of Grandma-hood, non?!

Kori - Both these things can lift us up when we are down and take us right out of our selves, can they not?

So nice to have you drop by, Ladies. Hugs! N2

swallowtail said...

Love your photos. They just say so much, so straightforward, so love-filled.

And a heart is infinite in its capacity to love these grandones, no?

hugs to you!

Kathleen Scott said...

What a lovely day, family and bookstore. My favorite things.

Grand Boy is growing so fast! He's a charmer.

N2 said...

LC - Thanks for the photo compliment, it means a lot coming from you, especially in light of your last posted photos of your family.

Kathleen - Well, you know, I, of course, think the Grand Boy is Fabulous. Thanks for giving him your own appreciation.

Hugs and sunshine to you this morning, Ladies! x0 N2

Bethany said...

What a sweetie pie.
Thanks for taking us along to this bookstore. Most of the used book/independant book stores around these parts are no longer in buisness. So this is nice to know. Makes me happy and hopeful.

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