Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Films, des châteaux, des tableaux, oh my!

By the time I was informed, they were seven days into the schedule of the Culture & Cultures Internationa Film Festival organized by Denis Piel and projected at venues in Soreze, Revel and Lampault. And yet I managed to see five of the films shown over the remaining eight days -- L'Amant by Jean-Jacques Annaud - Fr, Looking for Pallidin by Andrzej Krakowski - USA, Breaking Upwards by Daryl Wein - USA, Boatman by Gianfranco Rosi - It, and Love is Blind by Denis Piel - Fr/Aus. The interesting subject matter and quality of these films made me sorry that I hadn't caught more of the fifty-five films shown during the festival.

Last Saturday the festival wrapped with a gala dinner at the home, Chateau PADIES, of the festival founders, Denis Piel and Elaine Merkus. The festivities started with a showing, in a tent down by the pool, of a short documentary on the history and mission of the chateau.

The PADIES great white Pyrenees dog led us up to the chateau for apertif and dinner in the grand hall.
As stated at the film festival site online "CCiff, both a Film forum and Film Festival - is a unique platform committed to intercultural exchange and dialogue. The program is designed to immerse audiences and participants in...intercultural experience through screenings of substantial documentary and fiction films of excellence coupled with extensive dialogues..." The dinner served this objective very well. It was a gathering of local French and ExP residents, artists, filmmakers, volunteers working in the organic gardens of the chateau through the WWOOF program and at the film festival... and an interesting dialogue was had over dinner by all.

Amazing what a rich cultural life we have out here in the far countryside of France!
More on that in the next post.


swallowtail said...

Imagining 55 films in 18 days. I'm not sure that I have seen 55 films in the last 18 years... and then, obviously, I have to attend to this part of my art experience! I love the chairs with grass. And I would love to participate in having/starting some Winter meals together with movies when you come back to the 'Burg! xoxoLC

Derek said...

so Nancy sees 5 films in 10 days . . I saw 10 films in one day there!! (but then, so did Nancy!!)

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