Sunday, September 13, 2009

Les Petits Villages

Here in the village on the other side, the weather is temperate, the food and company good. Last night G threw a birthday bash thé buffet for her visiting friend N, with J, A and me as invitees. It was an intimate expat event here in the center of our southern French village, Soreze.

This morning, four American ExP ladies were off to the vide grenier ("empty the attic") sale in Massaguel (population ~400), a village five times smaller than Soreze (pop. ~2,100). Half the fun of running out to the vide greniers is getting familiar with the villagettes hidden in the surrounding countryside here, following one of the many black and white signs that point off into the fields which you've wondered about as you passed on the country road, and finding another small community gathered around a tiny church and café et bar.

We brought back our choice items and took Gwen (one of the ExP ladies) back to Durfort (pop. 270), the aincient village just over the hill from Soreze, known for centuries for metal work powered by the river Sor, which sends its tendrils through the village.

G kindly invited us in to see her house, La Cascade, so named for the little waterfall which spills through the sluice gate in the stream facing the back of the house.

Behind the house is a lovely terrace overlooking the stream.

Just below, on the stream bank, a green figuier stood dipping its roots, drinking deeply and plumping its fruit to bursting.

Warm ripe figs, indeed!

Thanks to all the ladies for sharing.


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swallowtail said...

ahh! It looks peaceful, and fun! And, did you taste the beautiful figgy? Great photo, that fig!

The misty rain here has made a delightful fig aroma throughout the backyard! And the Raven is clicking in the tree outside my window, or is it cheek-chortling, such a cool sound, regardless

Miss you, and know that you are having a good time!
Writing, of course...

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