Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vernissage de notre amie Anne Subercaseaux

Another event on the list of activities this past weekend was the vernissage of one of the ExP ladies of whom I had heard for some years, but only met this year, Anne Subercaseaux.

A vernissage is the name given to the opening of an art exhibit, usually a reception with the artist(s). According to the fr.wikipédia, calling this type of reception a vernissage (literally a varnishing) derives from the past practice of painters to lacquer their paintings after they were already hung for exhibit at the Salons of Paris, before the general public was allowed in.
The poster (l'affiche), above ( for the inauguration of the joint residence of the artists in Soreze) lists the three women taking part in the exhibit at the Atelier du Pont Vaillant, Catherine Huppey and Josée Catalo as well as Anne. Each one has a strong style very different from the others.

Above, Josée Catalo on the left with her sculpture center and Anne Subercaseaux, far right.

Josée's child's head sculpture with two of Anne's paintings from her
series "Reflections on Crossing" to the right of the sculpture.

More of Anne's "Reflections on Crossing" paintings with Josée's smaller sculptures in the front.

Catherine Huppey left and her paintings, right and below.

It was superb to see the powerful works of these three women on display together in one artful space here in our petit village.

Une autre partie de notre week-end culturel en France profond.

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swallowtail said...

Oh my goodness! How did I miss this post?

This is a beautiful space, I love the walls! The figures of Catherine speak so strongly. Oh. I would love to see this show in person.

It amazes me how when women show together how the strength of each is magnified, and how this strength shows through them. I can feel how strong this show is, together as well as individually.

Wow. Thank you!

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