Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Sunday

It was such a solitary and quiet Sunday after the busyness of the last holiday weekend.

But the flowers kept me company.

Big blue kisses.


Anonymous said...

I ALMOST stopped at your house yesterday! You make daily life so beautiful, Nancy, in your haven home, your photographs, your words. Love your blog.

Ms. Moon said...

I have missed these beautiful pictures of your beautiful meals and your beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

Looks blue delicious! Your pictures are bluetiful.
Hope to see you soon or at least sometime soon.

N2 said...

Oh Gail - Wish you had stopped to share some tea and flower worship. We must do that soon.

Ms Moon - Thanks, Dear. And I was wondering if these pix were too plain to post.

Sue - Thanks, Sis. I know we are both fans of baloooo =o). When are you coming??

Love you Ladies. x0 N2

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