Sunday, July 18, 2010

Young Love

Time is a flyin by here. Met up with the Dear Daughter and Corn Tiger a week ago to introduce him to my friend Anne before she flew the coop for France. She left this past Wednesday. See what I mean about time and flyin?!

Anne and I have led somewhat parallel lives -- oldest daughters of large families with three boys (hers, 6 kids, mine, 10), still occupying the same apartments we moved into in SF in 1976 (hers in the Inner Mission, mine in the Richmond district), and have both been spending some months in southwestern France for the past few years, in the same little village of Soreze (look up in the right corner of ye blogge; I changed the slide show to give you a glimpse of the village).

Due to different schedules of residence in that little village, we just met in France last year, and have since been meeting up in San Francisco while we have both been on this side. Anne is a talented painter and you can get a feel for her work at her website: Anne Subercaseaux

Didn't even get to see my Little Love in person last week (this photo is from the week before), only talked to him on the phone with commentary by the Daughter. He is very talkative for such a little guy, not quite 4 months old now, but then, he is growing as fast as weeds in the summer garden.

And he already has his first crush, on his beautiful mom. You can see it in the look on his face in the picture below. Doesn't that look just say "Ah, there she is, the One!" And, of course, the feeling is mutual, you can see that too.

I went by to see them on my way out of the city. Corn Tiger was nappin on the boob, but woke up while his mom I were talking. They share that same coppery shade of red hair. (Six out of ten kids in our family had red hair, contrary to the "recessive" nature of that gene, and CT's dad has red in his beard.)

And the love! Oh My Heart! Gotta get my hands on those two this week.

Warm Baby Hugs!


Ms. Moon said...

Sweet, sweet, sweetness.
Bless you all. What beauties your daughter and her beloved son are!

Kathleen Scott said...

He's such a cutie! And the last picture reminds me a little of Vermeet--the light and character in the faces.

My mother was a redhead and dreamed she'd have redheads...not to be...but my sister's son has the most beautiful auburn hair, the shade of his grandmother's when she was a girl. I wonder what of you has passed to him.

I like the idea that

swallowtail said...

Oh oh oh!

Precious. And the last photo is definitely a prize-winner.

Yeah. Time flies by faster'n flies flyin' by. If you know what I mean.

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