Monday, July 5, 2010

A Bunch of Fireworks

Kind of looks like a fireworks bouquet, non?!

Hope you had a friendly gathering and got to see fireworks light the sky.


Ms. Moon said...

No fireworks but a good gathering with friends. I grilled the meat! Which is hysterical.
And I have a similar bouquet. Good enough for me.
Love you, dear.

Bethany said...

Happy freedom.
I love that bouquet. Most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen. Thank you, because I didn't see any sky ones this year.

swallowtail said...

You, ma cher amie, have the best ever bouquets. oui!

I love the white droopy things. Oh! Wait! The poison fleurs!

Wayne and I didn't gather, but we enjoyed our day together, even if we did nothing ;-) well, we did something, but that is another matter.

I better quit while I am ahead. Erstwhile I might make a mess.


Kathleen Scott said...

Lovely! I like the idea that we make our own fireworks. And that life is firework enough.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers - wish I could grow such colors. Deer love the colors and the flowers too. The fireworks here were great! Hope all is good.

N2 said...

Ms Moon ~ I can just see you wo-manning the BBQ, and I bet it was deelicious.

B ~ And flowers are a better celebration of freedom, non?

LC ~ Glad you and Wayne had your own little celebration =o).

Kathleen ~ It can be fun to see those light flowers in the night sky, but a good bouquet lasts much longer.

Sue ~ I'm sure you all had fabulous food and a great gathering as well.

Kisses, dear Ladies All! x0 N2

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