Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Bumpers

I have been standing for these last weeks on one of life's ridges, with one foot resting on the side of the passing of life and the other on that of the life that is coming. Martha has left us and the new bébé will arrive around Mar 24 we are predicting, though the full moon is not until the 30th, and we mothers know how Our Lady the Full Moon can influence a baby's progress into our world.

My dear friend LC and I started work on our gift of bumpers for the baby's cradle as soon as I got back from the trip to Missouri. I picked up the flannel, batting and thread at the fabric store here in town and spent the afternoon up at LC's. I did the measuring and cutting, she sewed the seams, I laid in the batting.

The flannel was cushy soft to touch, yellow soft of color and a comfort to work with. It has a print of tiny elephants, octopuses, whales, cats, teddy bears, suns, moons - all smiling - alphabet letters and many other things which I think will be fun for bébé to look at while lying abed.

Our little yellow flannel baby bumpers took another day of work hand tying over tea by LC and I. Then I spent the evening blind hemming the ends and sewing on grosgrain ribbon ties while watching a charming old Greer Garson movie. My friend and neighbor Ren came over to help me finish up with the ribbon ties and hemming while we listened to Raahhdio Brasil.

These small rituals of shaping and sewing soft cloth for the coming bébé helped start the soothing of the ragged edges of loss.

Last Sunday, D&A threw a party to draw together friends and family for a bébé welcoming party. It was held at the apartment in San Francisco where they are living and where both D and her brother were born - right there in the front bedroom.

It was a life affirming gathering of D & A's family and friends, of people from three generations and many stages in their lives and mine.

A dear friend of D's is also expecting and her baby is due in May. Those little ones are already in touch, communicating with each other belly to belly.

Love and baby bumps to all of you!
x0x0 N2


Anonymous said...

It will be great to see the new addition to the family. Looking forward to posts on here with pictures! What will you be - gma,grandmother? The life circle continues.....

Ms. Moon said...

I KNOW this joy. I know it exactly. And you write about it so beautifully and the pictures make me so happy.
Love you, dear.

Kori said...

You write so beautifully, and look at those lovely pregnant women-stunning.

Kathleen Scott said...

What a wonderful gift--love. That's what D will see every time she looks at the bumpers. And later, baby will know too. Precious.

Glad healing is starting to mend your heart of loss. It will take time, but starting is good.

Anonymous said...

The bumpers you made look wonderful! I absolutely LOVE being a grandma and my grandchildren call me a variety of names: G'Ma, Grams, Grandma; and each and everyone of them are said with love. It is an amazing connection I have with them all and I suspect you will have that connection too. I look forward to pictures of the wee one. Much love, Cin

N2 said...

Sue - It's so exciting to be in the countdown phase!! I think I am going for "Nana" as my Gma handle. Or I could be Na2, I guess =o).

Ms Moon - You have been cranking up my excitement about the coming bébé ever since I found your blog and first saw a picture of the O-baby. I know you KNOW by how you write of him.

Kori - Thanks, Dear, for stoppin by again and for your kind words.

Kathleen - Even though the sewing on that sturdy grosgrain ribbon is a bit snaggly, it does have the look of "loving hands at home".

Cin - Thanks for leaving a note, Dear Sis. We know you love being a G'ma by the loving way you treat those grandkids.

Love back at ya' Ladies! x0x0x0x0x0 N2

Bethany said...

great pics, such joy and connection.
love the bumper making, in awe of this and they are so sweet. what a fantastic gift.

N2 said...

Thanks, B for your sweet, encouraging words.
x0 N2

swallowtail said...

Hmmm. Instead of NaNoWriMo... Na2 is much easier! Oh the baby bumps! Weren't they so gorgeous... I mean, they ARE so gorgeous. Such a bountiful crop this year, of Capricorns and Pisces with an Aries/Taurus thrown in for good measure. Oh the fun we are having. And yes, it is just amazing to experience the loss of sisters as the new one grows full and complete within the Mama. The circle truly is unbroken. It expands.
Love you, Ms. N2. xoxoxLC

N2 said...

Love back at ya', LC. Thanks for filling some of that local sisterhood void. x0x0 N2

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