Monday, March 29, 2010

First Days

My first days with the Grand Boy, he'd only been on the outside two days is this photo.
We had beautiful Spring days for his arrival in SF.

The Dear Daughter bundled him into the baby wrap and we took him and
the Brooklyn Brown Dog out to Golden Gate Park for a walk in the redwood dell.

We met Dad in the rose garden for a little face time in the sunshine

and a game of Happy Family.

The DD even let me hold him a few times. Sweet!!!!

Love for now.
More soon.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh my god! I am melting! How beautiful you all are and that boy. Oh, that boy! Don't blink. He will be grown in a moment. A second. Your daughter has that blissed-out, tired, glowy new mama look. I recognize that look. It is so full of wonder. And why not? She is holding the universe to her breast.
Congratulations, dear woman. What happiness...

Ellen said...

These are days of bliss indeed for you and your family...

Kori said...

Oh, his arms are so long, his hands so big! What a wonderful time for all of you.

N2 said...

Ms Moon - Thanks for the great welcome into Nana-hood, from one great GranMaw to her newbie friend. You are such a Dear.

Ellen - Yes we are Bliss Full!

Kori - Yes, big hands for a two day old, non? And big feet, too. I think we have caught us a tall one.

Love from my overflowing heart to you Ladies!
x0 N2

swallowtail said...

Ah, N2!
Methinks he reminds me of a red-headed Labbie puppy ((don't tell the Brooklyn Dawg!)) with those big paws and feet!

What a beautiful baby, and family, and sunny spring day in the park.

All truly is Well. And so blessed. xoxoLC

N2 said...

LC - YOU are a Blessing, Dear One! Thanks for all you do. Love you! N2

Kathleen Scott said...

What a sweetheart! He looks fully ready to be out in the world. And a wonderful world it is, to go to the park for his first foray. You all look happy.

ayesha_weinberg said...

Hi Nan,
I really enjoyed all your entries.
I have been preparing for the
arrival of brother Jim. And he
has arrived in his freshly painted
room of relaxing serene turquoise.
Deva looks radiant and in awe.
And all mothers can relate to that.
What joy. Mom used to always say,
"Hope springs eternal with every
new birth."
Your writing seems to have
gone to much deeper reflective
place. So you too are going
to that place. Really nice
to share that.
Much love,

N2 said...

Dear Kathleen - Thanks for sharing our joy in the new Boy!

Dear Kay - So nice to see you here and good to hear that you have made it safely home with Jim.
Love to you and the Family and Uncle Thirsty.
x0 N2

Bethany said...

got a little teary here. I'm reading backwards. Gosh, you all are so beautiful. Love love love that photo of you and your grandbaby. It just melted me.

I think too we have similar coloring, the freckles and redish hair. So I feel an automatic kinship.
Nevermind how sweet and nurturing you've been to me on my blog.
Thank you for that, a million times over. It means the world.

N2 said...

B - Oh, now you got me wetting up! Kisses. N2

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