Friday, March 19, 2010

A Waiting

"Waiting for the fish to bite or
waiting for wind to fly a kite. Or
waiting around for Friday night..." Theodore Geisel

Tomorrow is the medical folk's predicted date for Bébé's birth day. The Dear Daughter and the Daddy have been rearranging the nest, applying some spit shine, adding a twig here and a feather there. The nascent Nana (that'll be Me =o), even stopped by last week to do some scrub-a-dub-dubbing, dusting and rubbing. We've been sorting and piling the baby clothes cuteness. Things at the New Baby House are purt near ready.

A few weeks ago, the Mom and Dad 2B thought it over and hypothesized that a good day for a baby would be a Wednesday, March the 24th. My money's on that new mother's intuition. Afterall, her feelings are coming from the inside out. Even so, starting tomorrow we are on Baby Watch.

I have been given the honor of managing the phone tree once the labor begins. I had to be strapped to a cell phone for work for many years and consquently am a bit of a luddite at home. I get a hard time from the younger set, but have avoided having a cell phone for the last few years.

This morning I dreamed that I was on a plane that was landing in the snow in the Andes. I was supposed to be monitoring things from my seat in the back, maybe helping organize the passengers, relaying instructions from the pilots (there were four or five in the cockpit). I stayed calmly in my seat, assessing the situation, not making a move.

The landing was complex, but the pilots always had things under control and the touchdown was very safe and smooth. Even so, some of the people from the cockpit were disappointed that I had not followed their suggestions and wanted me to explain myself. I woke up with a responsibility hangover feeling as if I'd left something important undone.

So, today I finally drove down to the next sizable town here, Santa Rosa, and signed up for cell phone service so that I will be reachable no matter where I am once labor begins, and I am planning on being close at hand. I'm taking my responsibilities as the labor and delivery contact very seriously.

The sun shines, the wind blows, the seeds sprout, the flowers bloom, day turns to night again and I am waiting. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, for next week to come, for the phone to ring, to see who this Bébé is, for this new loving to begin.

"and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder"
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Sending love your way.


Ms. Moon said...

The most exciting time of all. The earth is waiting for spring, the daughter is waiting for the baby's birth to make her a mother and the whole world is waiting for the tiny shift of the newest one on the planet.

Ellen said...

Such anticipation! Your poetry with your writing marry well together....I know I would be so happy when the time comes for my daughters to have children. Oh such excitement and joy!

Your flower photos lovely...

swallowtail said...

Babee Watch! So fun, exciting and a time of deep contemplation. Very rich.

I am giggling about the cell phone! Oh the trauma, when I said, no more. I had to call the woman who got my old number, and apologise for all the calls she was receiving, wailing about lost LC! Now, give me your number!!!! hehheheheee.

The photos are beautiful!

N2 said...

Ms Moon - Break the lines of this comment from you and it is poetry. Thanks for being on baby watch.

Ellen - Thanks for droppin by from Ms Moon's. It is a pleasure to see your face here. And thanks for your sweet words.

LC - Thanks for keeping me busy a-quiltin while we wait for this new soul to embody.

Love you Ladies! x0 N2

Anonymous said...

I hope to see that bebe soon too. Your pictures and poetry are wonderful. I am sure that the words will come to you once you see your new grand girl ( i am thinking)Wouldn't it be grand for it to be a red head - some recessive gene popping through. Let me know your cell. may be coming down for this next week. Sue

Bethany said...

oh that last photo blew me away.
so funny about your dream and your going to get the cell phone. well, good for you.
such an exciting time.
keep us updated!

Kathleen Scott said...

The thing about a cell phone is, you don't have to turn it on when you don't want to. That unclips you from the tether.

When I saw this morning that you had another post, I was sure the baby had come. But I enjoyed your waiting amid the beautiful flowers.

She'll be here soon, and beautiful.

N2 said...

Sue - I'll be posting bebe images as soon as I have them. Hope to see you soon.

B - Yeah, that was one of those dreams that just told me its meaning.

Kathleen - Thanks for waiting with me.

Staring into opening blossoms has been comforting.

Love to you Ladies!

x0 N2

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