Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 29: Recipe for a Windy Day (Recette pour un jour de vent)

Invite two friends to come for tea in the afternoon.
3:30 is a good time.

Blow around the corner to the Utile in the whistling wind.
Look for some méllasse, on every aisle, tous les coins.

Buy more flour, a bag of Dourgne milk, sweet butter.
Tuck them in to your drap sac rouge; whistle home.

Pull a ginger cake recipe out of your cyber file box.
Replace the missing molasses with honey and maple syrup.

Use quatre épices for the cloves and cinnamon, white pepper for black.
Convert 350 degrees to 175 celsius for your oven and bake.

Make a sauce de citron et oranges;
use mandarins for the juice.
Grate the tartsweet peel from one
precious meyer lemon you brought from CA.

Vacuum the rug, fluff the flower bouquet,
warm the parlor, lay out plates, light the candles.

When M&D arrive, give kisses and take coats.
Pour hot water over good tea in your best pot.
Heat the sauce, cut the cake, pass the cups.


Words and pictures by Nancy Norton for her blog n2notesfromabroad. Copyright 2009-2010.


Ms. Moon said...

And my verification word?
You cannot make this stuff up.

swallowtail said...

I may have to bribe you into bringing me home one of those wonderful lace table cloths! Scones? Cookies? 6-packs of heirloom tomatoe plants?

The sauce for the honeybreadcake sounds Divine.

Hugs, Dear One!

N2 said...

Ms Moon and LC -- Seems you were visiting here almost simultaneously today. Wish I'd been on the spot to serve you a piece of cake and hot cup of tea. x0x0 N2

Kathleen Scott said...

Sounds lovely.

I love your pictures, they go so perfectly with your actions.

Annie said...

A delightful recipe for a day well spent and well ended.

N2 said...

Thanks for droppin by, Kathleen and Annie. Do you like your tea with cream? x0 N2

derekh said...

as one of the two actual visitors to Nancy in her lovely French home I recommend her baking and her tea-making capabilities and I speak as 'an Englishman in France' who knows good tea and cake!!

N2 said...

D - Thanks for the high complement from an English gentleman. =o) N2

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