Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 34: The Inside Story (l'histoire l'intérieur)

While I was up at the marché du livre (book market) at the Hôtel Abbaye Ecole De Soreze (we locals just call it "the Hotel"), they opened the back door so that the book vendors could load out. I slipped outside to walk around the grounds and give you a peek at what it looks like behind the big stone wall.

à demain!


Ms. Moon said...

What kind of trees are those two rows? They do not look familiar to my eye at all.
Lovely pictures, as always.

Kathleen Scott said...

Always fun to see inside the walls.

I like your life of sensual awareness--food and drink and flowers and books and life outside.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The joy of not having net access for a week is finding all your word/pics waiting. I love this set of unwalled images--the reaching trees, silhouettes, reflection. And the mossy bulbs, and the meals you honor yourself by preparing as though for a guest.

N2 said...

Ms Moon - Those are called platane or plain trees here, sycamore or buttonwood in the US. There is a good article on wiki-pedia about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platanus
They thrive in southern Europe and the French have a way of pruning them into wonderful allées which line the rural roads down here. The story is that Napoleon originally had them planted to shade his troops while they marched.

Kathleen - Thanks for the compliment on sensuality. The French, and the Spanish as a matter of fact, are good people to learn that from.

Ms G - Good to see you back here! Hope your own writing is going well.

Bethany said...

oh lovely, so glad you slipped out!

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