Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 32: One, Two, Three, Dinner! (Un, deux, trois, Dîner!)

From time to time I bring home "the easy dinner" from the Saturday market.
I love that the bag they put it in looks like an illustration from a children's book about life on the farm.

There are three sizes of poulet rôti that you can buy at the rotisserie truck. The middle-sized chicken is organically grown and more expensive. Over time, depending on how many people I am feeding, I have tried each type and all are délicieux.

In a long pan below the roasting fowl, they place onion slices which cook in the the drippings from the meat and the heat from the rotisserie. They ask if you would like aussi jus de viande et d'oignons? Mais, oui!

They also cook slices of potato in the dripping pan, which you can purchase as a side dish, but I had already bought these red potatoes, which were so pretty I had to bring them home and pose them in front of the fire. Then I cold-heartedly chopped them in half and roasted them in my cast iron pan in the oven before adding the onions and chicken for warming.

I steamed some brussel sprouts and made a polonaise sauce for them -- basically: sautee 1/3 c bread crumbs in 1/3 c butter, add 2 Tbsp chopped parsley/chives, juice of 1/2 lemon and one finely chopped hard boiled egg; spread over brussel sprouts and serve. Its a recipe I stumbled across years ago in Joy of Cooking. The kids liked the way it took the sharp edge off the taste of the brussel sprouts, so I always made it when we had one of our family standard dinners: roast chicken, yams and brussel sprouts.

Et, Voila! Two weekend dinners for one or one dinner for two, with more roast chicken to be made into soup later in the week.

Bon rêves!


Kathleen Scott said...

That's gorgeous. I love your food posts. This idea is going to find it's way to my table the next time I roast a chicken. I've never thought of spreading onions below, what a perfect complement.

We do rotisserie chicken almost weekly. Makes several good meals for two and I put the bones in the freezer for stock.

N2 said...

Thanks, Kathleen. Really enjoyed your post on birds today and got lost down the trail of older posts of yours on birds =o)

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