Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 33: The Mossy Wall (le Mur Moussu)

When I came downstairs yesterday, the morning light striking the miniature daffodil bulbs and roots reminded me that I had promised to get them a moss blanket.

After a short detour to the marché du livre up at the abbey to fondle some tight leather bindings, lust after marbled end papers and purchase one small book, I took a walk along le Chemin du Tour du Parc (literally: the path around the park).

This is the lane which circles the capacious grounds that used to belong only to the Catholic Church and its abbey school. Though it takes up 6 hectares, or nearly 15 acres, near the center of the village of Soreze, the Parc lies behind a high rock wall and, in the old days, was seldom seen by most of the inhabitants of the town, unless they worked for the abbey or the school.

The moss is so lush and velvety green on the wall next to the stream that I couldn't bring myself to take any off.

I searched the ground at the bottom of the wall and found some loose pieces which I brought home from my walk.

The baby jonquils are all tucked in and already starting to pop out blossoms.

Maybe I'd better feed them some whiskey water tomorrow.



Ms. Moon said...

Your blog makes me swoon and homesick for a place I've never lived.

Bethany said...

Mossy wall! The moss looks fantastic.
And I second what Ms Moon said.

N2 said...

Dear Ms Moon and B -- Thanks so much for your frequent visits to ye blogge and compliments. Since finding you both through my friend Swallowtail (LC), it has been like adding two new friends to our circle of writers. Bisous, N2

Gledwood said...

O how beautiful. I love a good bit of moss, me...

And I dream of France all the time (only European country I've spent more than a week in). Apart from Britain, where I live....

PS is it true "Fougere" means "moss-like-scent" in parfumerie?

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