Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Smell of Sky Blue

In the midst of all the family logistics and planning for my sister's funeral, I checked in with my friend Ms Moon over at Bless Our Hearts. She wrote simply and eloquently about the joys of hanging out the wash, of standing outside under a bright blue sky.

Here's my own take on just that feeling from a few years ago.

Sun Washed

I want my wash to smell of sunshine and the wind.
Why did we become convinced that
some lab concocted combination
of hydrophobic long chain molecules
is better?
could even come close?
Because we were missing
a half remembered fragrance from home?
Because clothes from the dryer have no smell?
Or worse, smell sour
having sat in the washer too long?
Because by using a dryer we won’t have
to lift wash
to carry it to the yard
to shake out each piece
to pin it with wood to the line
in the sun
in the breeze
to catch sight of a blue jay in the redwood
to sigh at the beauty of cloud against sky.


Still on the road here. The up side is that I am getting some time to connect with family and children. Looking forward to being home and having the chance to do the simple things like hanging a load of wash on the line.

Thanks to one and all for the kind words of condolence.



Ms. Moon said...

I think there is something in our very bones that loves hanging the wash out on a beautiful day. It's like making the perfect simple meal.
I loved your poem.
Travel safely.

Mel said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, there are no adequate words. I'm so grateful for your poem because it is so beautiful and comforting. Wishing you comfort in the days to come. I found that the full force of grief did not hit me until I returned home, free from myraid of details that kept me preoccupied. I wish I had thought to hang some sheets on the line and let the sun shine on my face. Have a safe trip home.

N2 said...

Dear Ms Moon and Mel - Thanks so much for stopping by. It was like having one dear friend and then another stop by for a cup of tea this morning. x0 N2

Allegra Smith said...

Some angels come at times when we don't know or understand how they got here. They visit and fill our hearts with love and sunshine. And just as fast they go, back to the place where all things grow. Your sister is back to the days beyond days after leaving behind love and sunshine aplenty and you will honor her by keeping that love and sunshine alive until you meet again.

Bethany said...

Oh, I LOVE your poem. Thanks for checking it. Hope you are home soon and can find some comfort in sun and wash and your bulbs waiting for you.

Bethany said...

Checking in I meant and I think I was also trying to say thanks for sharing it(your poem).

swallowtail said...

Hi Sweet One,
I've been thinking of you, holding you close. This is one of my most favorite photos... your window sill with blue and summer. It is these gentle, simple things upon which we can depend, the scent of sundried laundry, the light splashing around blue jars.
And yes, I love that poem.
And I love you.

Kathleen Scott said...

Hope your travel comforts and you return safely.

Lovely poem, and true.

N2 said...

Allegra - Thanks for coming over and leaving your thoughtful reassurances about my sister.

B- Thanks for the kind words. My friend LC gave me a gift of daffodil bulbs from her family's ranch last year. I do hope to see their yellow, shining faces when I get home Sunday.

LC - Looking forward to seeing your shining face around the homestead and getting some real time hugs.

Kathleen - Thanks for the comfort of your words.

x0x0 Ladies All! N2

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