Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Touch and Go

Home for just a few days in California.

Taking nurture from the flowers left by the gals who stayed in my house, from the welcome home drawing that my little neighbor couldn't wait to bring over in person,

from the time spent gabbing with the gals at the kitchen table or over coffee and daughter-made coconut bread at the local cafe.

Gathering warmth from a night in front of the fire,
an evening watching a movie and sorting family photos,
an afternoon at yoga and in the steam bath,
a simply delicious dinner of roast chicken and vegetables and homemade huckleberry pie with whipped cream.

Of all these things is nurturance made.

Sending warm hugs on to you, Dears.

x0x0 N2


Anonymous said...

oh so lovely see you when you return thoughts go with you

Ms. Moon said...

We both wrote about comfort today.
Different kinds, but the same somehow.
Beautiful. Gather your warmth to your heart, Nancy.

N2 said...

Dear Anon - Thanks for the warm thoughts from far away.

Dear Mary Moon - Thanks for taking a little comfort here as I surely do over at your place. You are a comfortable sort of woman.


swallowtail said...

Hugs flying with you to spread around this weekend...


Kathleen Scott said...

Glad you're finding comfort in the simple pleasures. You're wise. Peace lives in embracing the simple good in life.

Coconut bread...I'm a sucker for coconut...

Anonymous said...

good to know you are back in 'God's own country' and feel 'at home' too.
No problems here - yes we did switch off the gas and forwarded letters/bills etc. to Ken & 'Bing' etc. so just enjoy being in 'the ladn of the free' . . . (not forgetting your farewell to Martha in a day or so . . .

N2 said...

Dear LC - Thanks for flying hugs. I am passing them out here.

Dear Kathleen -- I know of your excellence with coconut! I must try that cake once I am back at my little house.

Dear Anon - Thanks for your kind words here and your help in our little village far away.

x0x0x0 N2

Bethany said...

Sweet, life affirming pictures. Comfort and love.
Hugs back.

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