Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 35: Think of Martha. Now!

Had a more frivolous post in mind but I've been on the phone to the CA checking on my youngest sister who was suddenly transferred last Sunday to the ER from the rehab facility where she was gradually recovering from hip surgery. She sounded stronger yesterday when I talked to her, but today it is not looking so good.

Anyone out there?

OK. I need you to focus all your healing energy and send it to my sister Martha.
Or just send it to me and I'll pass it on.

I know it sounds desperate, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Think of it as the Psychic Unity Hotline. My Mom used the Unity Hotline a lot in the last ten years of her life and was a true believer. She'd call the 800 number and put in your request for 24 hours of prayer for whatever you needed -- love, health, a job, more money to pay the bills...

The Psychic Unity Hotline is not an organized religion, it comes together the instant it is needed. And that moment is now. Think of Martha. Send her all the love and healing power you can muster.

I'll check back later today.

x0 N2


Kathleen Scott said...

Sending Martha strength and healing. Hoping for the best.

We're all together in life.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your news . . yoou should know that any support, practical help we can give then just call on us for you have friends in Soreze!

N2 said...

Thanks Kathleen for checking in and lending your support.

And you, too, Anon. I do appreciate the support.

Till later... x0 N2

Kori said...

I didn't read this until much later in the day, but I am still sending all the powerful energy I can to your sister-and some for you, too, because it must be hard to be so far away.

N2 said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts Kori and All. It is like receiving a hug from the universe. x0 N2

Bethany said...

Oh, I'm so so sorry I missed this.
Thinking of you and your family.

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