Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 11 of the Picture Dialogues

The writer has a leisurely brunch with Michele et Le Monde

then goes outside to see the village bathed in snow melt.

Hey! There is someone tromping around where I planted wild flowers in the field last spring...

...and he's not too sure about me either.

Needed to stretch my legs, so I took the long loop out Route de Puylaurens.

Hope you had a peaceful weekend too!


1 comment:

swallowtail said...

Oh, so beautiful under the gray sky; makes the bouquet so bright. I love the last photo, allowing me to look straight down on it, 'cause you know I would!

My walk today was short, raucous with wild dogs who had been cooped up too long inside. The rain has arrived, and is forcast to be here dumping lots of H20!

Write write write!


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