Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 19: Café Ambiance

Midday in the Cafe′ Au Rosier d'Autan on Saturday quickly got busy. It was windy outside and that brought people inside for an early lunch. Thought you might enjoy hearing the bustle and the mix of languages so I've loaded a little clip below. It's rough, as I don't have any editing facility on my computer. Yet. I'm thinking that might be a "nice to have" addition soon.

Les Hommes Gentil (my name for the gay couple who own this cafe′) were running more quickly than usual for a Saturday morning, taking care of the rush of customers.

But some of us were just content to relax and enjoy the ambiance.



Annie said...

The video was like friendly music. I love places like this where you can just kick back, visit, watch, look, and listening and enjoy the scene. And look! They have a dog in there. Very cool.

N2 said...

Hi Annie - Nice to see you here, Commenting _and_ Following! Such a Gift =o)

Yes, the French have a cultured relationship with les chiens and, in return, the dogs ahve zee same wiz zee owairs. Saturday morning for coffee at the cafe'? Mais oui! Bisous, N2

derekh said...

Dogs in 'eating places - never! will always remember a yappy poodle in Paris in a quite posh restaurant being fed tit-bits by the (lasy) owner and snarling at the waiter . .I would have shot it! Health & safety . . .yea well . . .not apparently in some countries - 3rd world usually! I don't particularly dislike dogs just don't wanna see them in a place where people eat . . . even apparently sleeping!

Bethany said...

aw, doggie hanging out too.
those people are speaking another language!
just teasing you. I took french in high school and remember nothing.
that was fun to hear though.
does the dog bark French?

N2 said...

B - French dogs bark Wowwoooh! =o) Ever read French comics? The difference in how they express the stuff like Biff! Bam!*% and what the animals say is really funny.

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