Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 13 of the Picture Dialogues

Missed the breakfast photo op. I had to keep it short in order to make my massage appointment with Nese Pelt at Centre Melisse. I know, I know. It's a rough life, but somebody had to volunteer for this duty.

So we had to change up and feature a dinner photo =o) Or, rather, three.

Quiche lorraine, before and after.

Well, not after I'd eaten a slice. It's great that you can get BIO (meaning organic) ready-made pate feuillete'e, fine et croustillante (puff pastry, delicate and crispy) and naturally raised and cured bacon at the new health food store in Revel, just 5 km, or a little over 3 miles, from Soreze.

The milk arrives in this bag purchased from the Utile grocery store around the corner from me. It originates on a farm in Dourgne, a little town about 8 km, ~5 miles, in the opposite direction from Soreze, than Revel, that is. The eggs came from the market on Saturday, from a little lady who also sells live chickens, 2.20€ (~$3.30) for a dozen extra large eggs.

That and some steamed broccoli made a savory dinner.

Bonne nuit!


swallowtail said...

Love the milk in a bag (hehehe! a dairy-girl joke!). I am thoughtful tonight, may even take on a blogging myself! I've toiled all day with the hoe-out, and am feeling pretty good with the progress! Didn't get the quiche made though, because I thought that I would eat the whole thing. Crust is in the 'fridge for dinner with Wayne!

Took pictures of robins today! You'd be loving this crazy weather!


Kristin said...

Oooh that quiche looks delicious! And it is fun to see yet another incarnation of French milk--in a bag! The milk bottle is lovely and so are your posts and photos. Thanks.


N2 said...

Thanks for stoppin by, Ladies.

LC - Your joke was udderly funny =o)) Love you!

Kristin - Love what you and the hubby are doing with your blogs down there near Provence. Thanks for the complements.

derekh said...

have to say the quiche lorrain looks 'good enough to eat' . . one day maybe!

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