Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 4 of the Picture Dialogues

Sunday Brunch at home on Rue Ferlus, pain perdu extraordinaire (literally: extraordinary lost bread) with France Musique on the radio playing Aw-lee-vair (Oliver! the musical =o). 𝄫Who will buy this wonderful morning...𝄫


Ms. Moon said...

What a beautiful site you have!

Anonymous said...

This is really the best, N2, getting a pic-o'-life day after day (well, four times...). Keep firing them over bounding main. I keep going back to those two snowy views. Aah. Gorgeous! Cold here, but no snow.

N2 said...

Ms Moon,
Thanks for stopping by. I have just recently found your site and have been catching up on your huge backlog. Thanks for your sense of humor and straight up look at life.

Ms G,
Been loving your postings. More, more!!


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