Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 10 of the Picture Dialogues

Saturday, jour de marché

Every type of olive and the traditional French take on gateaux de rois, which comes with a crown for the lucky person who finds the ceramic toy in their piece of cake.

Writer's breakfast at the market with a pain de raisin and grand cafe creme at the cafe Au Rosier d'Autan on the square in Revel.

My friend D seems to always get the prize in the cake. He showed me a small wooden box he has with a whole collection of little ceramic saints, bears, fairies and such that he has gotten over the years. But that is OK with M and I. Boys will be boys.

Bon Weekend!


swallowtail said...

Love those little, brightly colored shopping bags with wheels! Also, the roof. Wow.

swallowtail said...

That is so funny! I did comment before you were finished posting!!! And look what else was coming... oh a piece of cake would be fun tonight in the rain, well not OUT in the rain, but you know! Mmmm.
Love these postings! xoxoxoLC

derekh said...

as 'le roi'I feel able to comment . . those 'china toys' are known as 'fairings' in the UK but they would still break your teeth if you were not careful eating, ;Tis true I have a collection of them 'oys and their toys' maybe or just to see how many kilos I have consumed in France eating les galettes!!

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