Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 3 of the Picture Dialogues

Left was yesterday morning and right is today. And the snow is still sifting down.


swallowtail said...

The trees and netting for the lights are facinating. I love "the perspective." If it weren't so cold, it would be a perfect place to sit and draw! Beautiful!

It is gray and a little depressing around here today. Erg. Seriously, I prefer the pounding rain.


Anonymous said...

Cystalline etchings--oh, photos, you say?? Glad you've landed. Hope you're tucked in with words in every corner to be gathered and polished into a novel form. Stay warm. I've got my heater on under the gray, dripless sky.

derekh said...

ladies we live in the South of France - we have WARM snow here!!

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