Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 14 of the Picture Dialogues

It is an inside day here, as I hear it is in northern California, in spades. I was sitting by the fire this morning doing my morning pages in my new/next journal and enjoying it so much I had to share it with you.

I actually got it as a gift last year around this time from G, a member of our writing group back in CA, known as The Scrambled Eggs.

Dear, talented, insightful, loyal, hard working writers All, those Scrambled Eggs!

Love this little black and white journal, not only because, as you can see in the picture, it goes with the decor in the room =o). It also has a wonderful texture to the paper and little quotes about the writing life, handwritten in by G in her fine, old fashioned pen-womanship, just here and there, so that they come up and surprise me. Plus that heart warming dedication in the front.

The journaling book I just finished/filled up was also a present from another writer in our group, ChB.

What a gift the whole group is in my life, day in, month and year out, Sigh.

Love you All!!
x0x0 N2


swallowtail said...

Love these photos, Little Friend! They are much more cozy than my entry today, can almost smell your house (cozy is a smell, don't worry). I am loving your everyday blogging, and will be urging you to keep going even when you are on this side of the ocean!

Bethany said...

what a perfect gift, the little quotes are such treasures.

N2 said...

B - Yes it is. And the little blue journal from my friend ChB as well. The thoughtfulness of writers!

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