Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 21: Bonne Fêtes

I'm the sort of person who sometimes leaves the fairy light/eucalyptus Christmas decorations on the mantle piece until the end of January, just because I like the way they look at night. A kindred spirit seems to live in this house in the village. I was glad to catch their whimsical decorations while they are still up -- a cheery sight on an overcast day.

I was walking over to the little bakery I call the "Fanny Bakery", since Fanny, a 14 year-old girl, is usually minding the store. I was hoping to get a pavlova (the holy grail of meringues) for tonight's dessert.

The lights were on but the bakery was closed. Oh, well, just had to make baked apples for dessert instead. Made a couple extra to share with D and M over tea tomorrow afternoon.

Glad to get out for a quick turn around the village anyway. A cold wind blew in and burnished the light making the details on buildings I hadn't noticed before stand out,

highlighting the distant hills seen from Rue St Martin,

accenting another angle of the allée de platanes in front of the brasserie.

Bonne Fêtes = Good Celebration. Today I am celebrating the small things that make me smile.



swallowtail said...

those octopus trees again! love the photos. and can feel it being really cold, or anyway that is my perception!

I am having a computerly challenge, and feeling a little grumpy about it, and know that I will be a happy camper the minute I have the guy at the desk furrowing his brow over it (rather than mine!)

back to work, little amie!

Kori said...

That second to last picture made my heart leap up in my chest, it really did. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I find myself drawn to see what is happening each day, stealing a little time away from work. Such fun and a way to day dream.

N2 said...

Oh, Ladies! It is good to see you here. (You, too, D, when you show up...and any other gents lurking out there, yes C and R, I am talking about you =o).

LC & Kori - Thanks for the compliments on the photos. It's the light, the light, the light.

Sue - Glad to know you are making the virtual trek to this day dream. Now for the real life trek...

Bethany said...

These photos are lovely. The last one blew me away. Great angle. WOW!

Anonymous said...

this I think is my second time of writing this but still . . jsut wanted/needed to point out the public toilet on the last picture - it could be a 'life saver' for a visitor to Soreze!

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