Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 16 of the Picture Dialogues

The sun came blazing into the bedroom this morning,

and this patch of blue caught my eye
as I was doing my floor exercises.

Got to hie me to the garrett and get my writing done so I can talk a walk over to Durfort.



derekh said...

that last photo is a really modern painting well done!

derekh said...

I have been
'out of the country' - love that phrase!) so only up to 'picture blog' 16 or so . . what do yoou other people do that can take so much time to read and write like this . . I have not a moment for anything like that - so busy . . .piano playing, computer playing & FB writing and generally 'pottering' about so resent the time somewhat in reading as well! Forgot the TV of course . . . and 'travelling and shopping and . .well all of those things that men do as well!!

N2 said...

Thanks for your understanding of the modernist approach to simple shapes in the photo, Derek!
x0 N2

Bethany said...

Gosh, how did I miss all these posts? I thought I added you to my reader when I first found you. Well it's a treat to have all this goodness all at once. LOVE the photos, the beautiful, serene pink room and the window. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

methinks Nancy is a busy bee at present - not a lot of distractions maybe, no furniture to make, bicycles to assemble, plants to plant . . and no me to 'be' well, not for a week but . .I be back now!

N2 said...

B - Thanks for catching up. What a nice surprise to find all of these "easter egg" comments all at once!

Anonymous -- Is that you hiding behind those funny glasses, Derek?!

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